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We gotcha covered for winter diving in Key Largo

scuba diver in santa hat
December 27, 2021

It’s winter.

The air temperatures are cooling off and so is the sea. We started the season off as we do every December 1 here in the Florida Keys –with a giant sigh of relief because hurricane season is finally over! Hallelujah!

And then we got busy with a few adjustments to make our private charters as comfortable and fun as possible with the cooler weather.

Here’s what you can expect scuba diving with us this winter in Key Largo:

There will be occasional choppy seas.

Just like the rest of the year, there are bound to be a few days when we’ll call off diving (and snorkeling) out at the reef due to wind and waves.

But just like the rest of the year, we’ll give you as many options as we can:

  • hopping across to a sandy island key for a picnic…
passengers on winter scuba boat

We’re not gonna lie, it’s chilly.

Even in the fabulous Florida Keys, both the water and air temperatures drop toward their annual lows in January.

The average sea temperature gets to 74F (23C) around the first of the year and it won’t be much warmer on top: 68F (20C).

Chances are that’s still toastier than where you are this winter, but it’s not hot!

You’ll probably want a wetsuit.

Don’t be fooled by any pictures of Santa scuba diving in his swim suit.

Last winter, most of our guests brought their own 5mm wetsuits. Some layered another skin underneath or on top of that. And some people added a hood and gloves!

If you don’t have your own wetsuit, we’re happy to loan you one of ours at no charge. Our current selection is limited but we plan to offer a fuller range of wetsuit sizes and thickness in 2022.

scuba diver in wetsuit

We’ve got an amazing warm water rinse on board.

The fresh water shower on the boat isn’t heated, but we pack warm water bottles for rinsing the salt off between dives and snorkel swims.

If you haven’t experienced this yet, just wait! It definitely takes the chill away.

Hot beverages all season!

An icy cold can of soda is just not as appealing in the winter, even in Florida.

We have a large carafe and plenty of hot tea and cocoa to warm up your insides too!

Hot cocoa on board boat

Winter diving is popular in Key Largo

On the right day, with the right gear and on-board private charter amenities, diving in Key Largo in the winter is just as great as the summer.

Find out more about what folks love about it from a detailed review left by last year’s scuba snowbirds — Including an awesome local taco truck recommendation!

Or check out this video from a dive trip last December. You’ll see all the regular sea creatures — turtles, eagle rays, moray eels and porcupine fish — enjoying the cool water without a care in the world.

Ready to plan your winter dive charter?

Between our weekly local regulars and returning scuba snowbirds, the winter calendar is pretty full in January 2022 with some availability left in February 2022.

We still only run as a private charter, with one group at a time and only one trip per day. That means our calendar fills fast!

​So don’t delay! Check our current availability and contact us to start planning your custom diving, snorkeling, eco tour or sunset cruise this winter.