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Happy Women’s Dive Day 2020

July 18, 2020

Hey — did you know that today, July 18 is Women’s Dive Day?

It’s a rainy windy day here in Key Largo –terrible for diving but great for reminiscing about all the women divers who have taught, encouraged and inspired me.

Here are thank you notes to just a few of them:

Dear Du, You taught me and my parents to dive 15 years ago in Thailand. Thank you for your patience with all of us, especially me when I struggled with the equipment removing-and-replacing skill (and sorry for the swear words when I surfaced).

Dear Chantal, Your dive shop in Phuket started it all. Who knew I’d follow in your footsteps, running a dive business with my husband all these years later?

Hey Joanne and Bev and Eva and Hayami and Julia !You were my dive buddy besties all those years in Asia! Thanks for doing the night dive with me when the boys were more interested in beer. And for making sure my air was turned on and that I didn’t miss seeing the cool fish / whale shark / octopus / dive boat.

My dear friend Ilja, I’m a divemaster today because you volunteered to do that dreaded underwater equipment exchange skill with me last year in the pool. Thanks for making sure neither of us drowned in the process!

Jen and Leslie and Betsy — you’re my ‘dive boss’ role models, generously encouraging me (and Glenn too) with knowledge, just-in-time loaner gear and referrals from running your own operations.

Dear Kennedy and Lindsay and Carolina, Thanks for letting Uncle Glenn and I you talk you into becoming part of the family dive team, and for your service to the family business this summer as unpaid marketing interns!

Hi Paige and Kathy and Susan and Kai! Y’all love diving with your kids so much that you come all the way to Key Largo do it together, and that’s awesome. Thank you for being amazing Dive Moms!

Marcy, Jene, Michelle, Marie, Celia and Catherine: You’ve dived with us at Lucky Fish Scuba early and often and enthusiastically recommended us to your friends over and over. Thanks for your support!

Dear Marta, You took a real chance with that silent auction bid for a trip with our brand new baby business almost two years ago. Thanks for becoming one of our favorite and most frequent customers since then!

Hey Autumn! You literally make the whole ocean better with your reef-safe products and your genuine enthusiasm for diving. Thanks for visiting our boat last year!

Oh Sara I can’t thank you enough for DM’ing on the boat earlier this year! You classed up the joint and looked after our guests in an I could have those days.

All you members of the Girls that Scuba Facebook group !! You show up with good questions, inspiring stories and sheer joy of being around the water. Thanks for being the only bright spot on social media some days!

To all women divers — and to all those that support us — Happy Women’s Dive Day 2020. I wish you calm seas, good viz and underwater smiles ahead!

Love, Jill

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