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Winter diving in Key Largo

January 19, 2021

It’s the middle of winter and a couple of cold fronts have already came through Key Largo so ‘dashing through the snow’ feels like a credible threat to us warm-blooded Floridians! *

The sea water temperatures are definitely cooling off as well. Latest reports have them starting to dipping into the low 70s.

Here’s how we prep for the Winter in Key Largo:


Man in wetuit on boat
Capt. Glenn loves his 3mm!

While we happily dive in bathing suits* for 8 months of a year, we have now pulled out our wetsuits for the season.

A full-length 3mmm suit does pretty well for the two of us, but everyone feels the cold differently. If you’re chilly even in the summer, you might want to start with a 5mm.

Or layer up. Captain Glenn pulled his 3mm over a thermal top for the first time this season. With only a little drama!

We’ve also seen folks put a full length wetsuit on over a shortie.. while others put the shorty over the full length. There are no wrong answers!

We’ve also recently become enamored with hoods — keep the head as warm as possible makes everything feel a little better.


On sunny days in December the air temperature can still reach the 80s to warm you right up during the surface interval.

But you may also want to bring a light jacket or windbreaker along, especially for the ride back to the marina.

Hot chocolate on private boat
Hot Chocolate

Warm drinks

One thing we do differently on the boat this time of year is pack our big thermos full of hot water and plenty of hot cocoa packets. And tea bags for those who really need a cuppa more than anything else!

Now doesn’t that seem more appealing than an icy cold soda for your between-dive snack this winter?!

Hot showers

No, we don’t actually literally have a hot shower on board.

But we have figured out a way to give you a warm water rinse off that feels just as good. For now we’re keeping the details under wraps, but trust us when we say there are veeerrry few boats in Key Largo that can offer this treatment!

A quick ride home

And finally, ultimately, the best way to get you warm after winter diving is to get you out of the wind and back to the marina as quickly as possible.

Your group is in charge of the timing on our private charters — no waiting for others to come up from an extended dive when you’ve had enough. And our oceanside dock means we’re a straight shot back to shore.

So how about it?

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