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We’ve taken 9,000 pictures scuba diving 📷 and we’d love to take yours too

June 15, 2021

Jill’s been spring-cleaning again and this time she got into the digital photos.

The grand total was 11,100 and approximately 9,000 of those were pictures that Glenn took while scuba diving.

His preferred underwater digital camera for most of this period was a Canon PowerShot A70, nestled inside its custom underwater case. Eventually the camera or the housing would fail but loyal user that he was, Glenn would keep buying the same model. Including used cameras from family members and ebay.

We must have had half a dozen of these through the years… and we still have 2 housings, just in case!

But it was totally worth it. The photos remind us of so much.

Diver with large fish
Close encounter in Palau, 2014
  • …Like that time a Napoleon wrasse tried to pick Glenn’s pocket for treats in Palau in 2014….
  • …how good we looked in our swimsuits 15 years ago…
  • …the romance all around when brother Seth proposed to Kristi underwater in the Philippines….*
  • …and when Glenn’s best friend Will did a naked night dive for his 100th dive!**

So we’ve made it a little bit of a mission to try to send our customers home with at least a few pictures that you’ll be able to enjoy and bring back happy memories from in the days, weeks or years ahead.

Over time, we’ve figured out the best spots on the dock and boat to grab a ‘before’ picture of your group**.

We’ve got the best angle for an awesome backroll clip to impress the friend back home.

And we know how to line you up behind the “Jesus statue” or grab a shot of you snorkeling down to touch his hand***!

snorkelers at underwater statue

And now we’re sharing more memories than ever.

Last month we started using Fotaflo – an amazing service that lets us quickly upload photos and clips from our phones and the Gopro.

Shortly after a trip with us, you’ll get a link to your personal online album. It makes it so easy to view, download and share with people you want to make a little bit jealous of your vacation. Or to spread more good vibes on social media!

Want to see it in action? Click here to view an album from a recent fun dive with our crew – the one where Jill’s buoyancy was all wrong but at least there were eagle rays!

We’re not going to share photos of every barracuda and moray eel we run across – you can find better pictures of those online.*****

But if you’re looking cute in your snorkel mask or like a boss diver going through that swim-through, we’d like you to remember it!

No charge, our gift. Because memories make the best souvenirs.

Girl snorkelingSo this is what I look like underwater

*Seth posted the proposal picture in the comments to our most recent Facebook post: so cute!

  • ** These images available on a strictly need-to-see basis.
  • *** In other words, before you’ve got sunscreen on your face and your hair’s a mess. You’re welcome.
  • **** Do NOT touch his hand by the way! There’s probably fire coral and other sharp stuff that could give you the kind of religious experience you don’t really want.
  • *****Current list of creatures we will take a picture of every time we see them: Eagle rays. Turtles. Sharks. If Stephanie is your Divemaster and she sees a jawfish, there will be a picture of that. If Megan is your Divemaster and she sees a sea slug, there will be a picture of that too.

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