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Spotting Spotted Eagle Rays in the Florida Keys

June 13, 2022

Summer is a great time to see Eagle Rays in the Florida Keys

We see them in the oceanside waters around Key Largo throughout the year, but going through our GoPro footage from the past weeks — and looking back to the archive from a year ago — they seem be especially plentiful in May and June.

close up of eagle ray underwater

Here are a couple of things that are great about white spotted eagle rays:

… their lifespan is around 25 years old

… the spots on their backs are unique to each individual and considered their “fingerprint”. Once that pattern is recorded, scientists can use the information to track and monitor them.

…Their teeth are kind of like a can opener, interlocking on their upper and lower jaws to allow them to crush hard shells.

…Multiple rays traveling together is known as a ‘fever’ of rays.

…Mr. Ray, from Finding Nemo, is a spotted eagle ray!

And our favorite fact: …. They’re equally fun and easy to see snorkeling and scuba diving… or even from the boat on a calm day. Check out this video !

click to watch eagle ray video
Spotted Eagle Rays spotted while snorkeling in Key Largo

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