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Scuba Snowbirds Tell All!

passengers on winter scuba boat
April 12, 2021

It’s April and we just said so long to our new all-time-record most frequent customers: two pairs of snowbirds who spent the months of January, February and March in our Key Largo neighborhood.

These guys took a grand total of 12 private dive charter trips with us — an average of once per week!  And four of those were night dives.

They’re from Maryland. Where else are you going to find people who want to dive every chance they get in the winter down here? In fact when we asked them for a top tip* to share with other Lucky Fish customers visiting this time of year, it was about optimal wetsuit thickness!

Group spokesman Brian advises: “If you come in the “winter” (Dec-Mar) and have your own gear you might be glad if you bring your 5m or 7m with you … (and they have a GREAT trick for warming up if you are cold after the dive).”

Other highlights included all the creatures they got to see over the various dives:

  • dozens of sea turtles,
  • two kinds of shark,
  • reef squid,
  • morays,
  • several kinds of rays including a whole “flock” of 16 eagle rays,
  • and of course all kinds of fish, crabs, and lobster

And their favorite dives / sites?

  • night dives at the Benwood — they did 4 of them!
  • wreck dives at the Spiegel Grove (we used nitrox but you don’t have to, Brian says).
scuba divers on Key Largo shipwreck
Snowbirds on the Spiegel Grove!

Read the rest of Brian’s assessment on TripAdvisor.

* Brian’s other top tip is about food: Their group’s “top restaurant” in Key Largo was Taco Jalisco – “a really world class taco truck” !

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