boat heading to mangrove

Bayside Eco Tour

Explore the magic of the Florida Keys with a marine biologist

Our family-sized and kid-friendly private eco-tour gets you up close and personal with the Florida Keys, guided by a real marine biologist!

The mangrove jungles that fringe Key Largo and surrounding islands are often overlooked by divers and snorkelers hooked on the clearest blue water with most colorful fish.

Fish in mangrove
Atlantic spadefish is the original Lucky Fish

But beneath their emerald green leaves and maze of roots is an amazing world full of fish, sea stars, fantastic slugs and even sea horses.
And actually a Lucky Fish.  Yes, the very same Atlantic spade fish that inspired our logo and most commonly seen by us on the deepest wrecks enjoys a shallow swim every once in a while. And we think you will too!

What to expect on a Bayside Eco Tour

Boat heading into mangroves
Head to the quiet side of the Keys with a private eco tour

Meet us at our oceanside marina in Key Largo at the time that works best for you.

We’ll introduce you to your own personal Marine Biologist,  a specially trained and experienced educator from MarineLab, the Keys’ premier marine science camp.

After a brief but important safety briefing, we’ll turn toward the protected side of the Florida Keys ecosystem: the serene mangrove forests and seagrass beds that make our famous coral reef possible!

We’ll take you through historic Adams Cut to Florida Bay, discovering different kinds of trees, birds, fish and all kinds of amazing animals in our midst. Your Marine Biologist will explain how the reef and the mangroves are connected, and point out some of their favorite creatures.   And answer every question you can think of!

Box of sea creatues on boat
A closer look at the creatures that live in the Florida Keys mangrove.

Along the Intercoastal Waterway we’ll anchor at a specially secluded spot on the edge of the Everglades National Park.
Shady. Calm. And just a few feet deep. But float out into the water with your mask and snorkel and be wowed by the number and variety of fish around.  These habitats serve as nurseries for the babies of lots of fish we see out on the reef.

Your Marine Biologist will point out all the cool stuff in the water. Even better, she’ll temporarily collect a few of the harder to see creatures — think seahorses, tiny pipefish and starfish! — and bring them back on board the boat so everyone can get a closer look. And ask more questions!

Will you love it?

The Bayside Eco Tour is an off-the-beaten-track adventure in the Florida Keys that’s perfect for the whole family, especially if you:

snorkelers in shallow bay water
Follow the marine biologist on a guided snorkel into the mangroves

About MarineLab

Lucky Fish Scuba is proud to offer this exclusive program with MarineLab, the Florida Keys’ premier marine science education organization.  They’ve literally taught thousands of kids about seagrass, mangrove and coral reef ecology over their 50 years in operation here in Key Largo, hosting field trips and multi-day programs for student groups from around the country. Their instructors are marine biologists specially trained in teaching kids of all ages about our unique environment – and they’re all FUN!  Learn more at

MarineLab logo

Flexible Bayside Eco Tour Itinerary

9:00 am meeting at Garden Cove marina introductions, snorkel gear, boat safety briefing

9:30 journey through mangrove river to historic Adams Cut connecting Key Largo’s ocean side to Florida Bay along the Inter-coastal waterway

10:00 arrive at mangrove / seagrass habitat, snorkeling, show & tell, snacks

11:30 begin return trip

12:00 arrive back at marina

$699 plus tax and tip

for a 3 hour private charter for up to 6 passengers including:

Let’s do it!

Fill in our contact form to tell us about your visit to Key Largo and start planning your private Bayside Eco Tour. There’s no obligation and no deposit required for most trips.