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It took them 2 years to get to the Keys

family on back of boat
September 20, 2022

But this family finally got a perfect day!

Way back in February 2020 a lovely family from the Normandy region of France contacted us to book a half-day private snorkel tour for their family of five in August of that year.

Of course their entire trip to the US was cancelled, and we thought we might never see them.

Then they contacted us again in October 2021 wanting to rebook for a trip of August 2022. Lots of things happened in the meantime: their kids got bigger, all kinds of prices went up, but they were undeterred.

In mid-August, just a few weeks ago, they finally got here to Key Largo. And wouldn’t you know it, it was one of the best days of the whole year. Beautiful flat seas and clear water. Sunshine and a very light breeze. Absolutely stunning.

We had a long snorkel at Grecian Rocks, then skimmed across to the Christ of the Abyss statue.

snorkelers with underwater statue

Our last — and probably most memorable — stop was at North North Dry Rocks.

That’s because we were approached and boarded by an Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) officer checking for safety gear and absence of illicit fish or lobster. Everything checked out.

And once they got over their shock, the French family was thrilled to be up close and personal with our local law enforcement— like the movies! They got a souvenir selfie with the officer (we got something from him too, more on that later!).

family on comfortable boat

It’s been over two years since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted all kinds of plans. Have you been able to pick up all the pieces and do everything that was postponed?

Because we’re still here and we’d love to see you!

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