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Moon Jellyfish Mood in Key Largo

jelly fish over reef
October 25, 2022

They’re in season in Key Largo!

Ever seen a herd of jellyfish? Our native moon jellyfish are more abundant this time of year.

Here’s what you need to know:

Moon jellyfish are pink and shaped like a bell with short stingers around the brim.

They don’t have brains and are pushed around by wind and waves.

Sea turtles love to munch on them. (Sadly, sea turtles also love to munch on plastic bags that look like jellyfish. Reduce, reuse, recycle, people!!)

snorkeler with jellyfish in Key Largo

Safely swimming with jellyfish

They do sting. Everyone reacts differently but they usually produce only a mild and very temporary sting. Vinegar works to relieve the sting, and we have that on board just in case.

They’re fairly large, as big as dinner plate, so simply swim around them to avoid them. Or gently push them away by only touching the top center of the bell.

You could also wear a long sleeved rash guard shirt and leggings for extra protection.

Don’t let jellyfish keep you out of the water!

Jellyfish ‘season’ begins end of August and can last through April. Here in the relatively warm ocean waters of the Keys we find them most abundant in late September through early November.

With a private snorkel tour or scuba trip in Key Largo, we can get you as close — or far — as you want from these interesting creatures!

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