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Megan grew up kind of far from the ocean in Denver, Colorado, hiking and skiing the Rocky Mountains.

But don’t hold that against her, because as soon as she saw Discovery Channel’s shark week in primary school, she was committed to a career in marine sciences!

Armed with a degree in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology from the University of Colorado Boulder, Megan’s love for sharks and determination to save them has led her across the globe. She’s studied shark biology — including great white sharks in South Africa and whale sharks in Utila, Honduras. She’s worked promoting conservation and responsible tourism, on a mission to bring awareness to the fragile state our oceans are in.

Now Megan has been diving for almost 10 years. She became a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor in 2018, teaching scientific diving on Utila.

When she’s not helping us out on her days off, Megan works full-time as a marine biologist and field instructor at Key Largo-based MarineLab, fostering marine stewardship in children from 4th grade through university-level with hands-on labs, classes and snorkeling trips in the mangrove and coral reef habitats.