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The return of the Magic Boy

man and boy scuba divers
June 21, 2022

It’s the first time he’s been here since 2019

When his family came for a private snorkel tour in June three years ago, Capt. Glenn managed to get this photo which became one of our all-time favorites.

A father and son during one of our Private Snorkel Tours

I love how it captures the sparkle of the sea, the fun of family time exploring the outdoors together…. and the challenge of getting a kid to smile for the camera when there’s something else interesting in view!

I named the picture ‘magic boy snorkeling.jpg’ in my files and it became a real inspiration.

It went on our vision board for branding and color. For a while it was the image you clicked on our website home page to go to the snorkeling section — and it’s still on that page now.

Flash forward 3 years.

A very nice man called a few weeks to set up a private scuba-snorkel combo trip, and he mentioned that they’d been snorkeling with us before.

His young son recently completed his Junior Open water scuba certification and they want to dive together while mom and the other son snorkel above.

I didn’t recognize the name but when I looked him up in our photo archive, I literally gasped: it was family with the Magic Boy!

And of course we had to recreate the photo… Just as magic, don’t you think?

Father and son scuba diving
Dad and the Magic Boy scuba diving, June 2022

Lucky Fish Scuba has been in business for four years now and one of the best things about that is having customers return year after year, especially the kids.

In fact, you’re all magic to us!

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