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Lucky Fish is podcast-famous!

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October 15, 2021

Some of our favorite behind-the-scenes stories of running the business together are now available wherever you get your podcasts!

The April 2021 episode of the very awesome Sticky Brand Lab podcast is all about working with your significant other.

I tell our meet-cute story, why we started this particular business, and our secrets to getting all the work done together while staying married.

What you might not know is that podcast co-host Lori Vajda was instrumental in setting us up for success early in the aforementioned baby history of Lucky Fish Scuba.

We literally would not be here if Lori hadn’t been there. She helped us work through our basic brand elements, so that the kind of business we aim to be shows up in marketing and everything else we do.

Actual image of Jill & Glenn before we started working together (No. Not Really.)

In October 2021, I appeared on the podcast again.

The episode focused on my experiences building, editing and rebuilding our business website.

I was so excited to be interviewed this time that I accidentally revealed my secret source of entrepreneurial inspiration: a certain 20-year-old car makeover show on MTV!

But seriously, creating and refining, the custom website for our Key Largo scuba charter biz, has been been a fun, challenging, frustrating, hilarious journey.

Thoughtful questions from Lori and Nola at Sticky Brand Lab made me appreciate just how much I’ve learned along the way.

Thanks for having me!!