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How I became an Advanced Open Water Diver during COVID

June 23, 2020

By Lindsay Becke

Earning my Advanced Open Water Dive Certification with Lucky Fish was a fantastic adventure, though admittedly a small bit different than anyone else who does it. While you probably know them as Captain Glenn and First Mate Jill, I know them as Aunt Jill and Uncle Glenn.

My sister Kennedy and I went to Key Largo to visit for a quick two week visit during the Corona season and on a whim decided that it would be the perfect time to get certified as advanced divers. Glenn was our instructor for our Open Water certifications a couple years ago, and he quickly set us up with the online work which we plowed through to get to the actual diving.

The online work consisted of two chapters that we were required to read and many more chapters on different adventure dives from which we were to pick three that we wanted to do to complete our certification.

After a few conversations with Glenn we chose to do the Night Diving, Wreck Diving, and Peak Performance Buoyancy chapters in addition to the Deep Diving and Underwater Navigation chapters based on the opportunities in the nearby Keys waters. The online work took only about 3 (rainy!) days to complete, but someone could easily finish in one long day of studying.

When it came to the actual dives, each of them were exciting and challenging in their own ways.

My personal favorite was the Deep dive and though we double dipped on the site Spiegel Grove for both the Deep and Wreck dives, the first one was more fun to me. After descending to around 80 ft below the surface, we went through a few exercises to test our abilities at that depth and pressure and then proceeded to explore the ship.

The dive that I struggled most with was the Peak Performance Buoyancy because besides some issues I had with my equipment, the perfect buoyancy was a struggle for me to get right.

During the whole time, Glenn was very helpful and stuck by me until I figured it out and helped calm me down when I started to get mad at the difficulty. After struggling for a little, I finally got it mostly right and was then able to apply what I learned on that dive to my other dives to make it easier.

Although I might be slightly biased, I believe that doing your PADI Advanced Certification through Lucky Fish Scuba is the best decision. They are extremely personal and will give you all the opportunities to get it right before moving on. They care about you and your family and will do everything they can to make you comfortable. I really hope you choose Lucky Fish.

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