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Holiday Gift Ideas 2020

December 3, 2020

Looking for a great gift for the diver or snorkeler in your family?

Here are our Lucky Fish top recommendations for 2020:

Mask and Fins

Female scuba diver

Does your favorite diver fight with a foggy mask? Or are they constantly clearing a leaky one?

Fins that are either too tight or too loose can also put a damper on a great dive, and leave blisters that sting.

Even if they’re still renting the rest of their scuba gear, having a well-fitting mask and comfy fins is sure to make every dive just a little more fun!

Swim shirts and leggings

These lightweight pieces are easy to pull on over your bathing suit for a layer of protection from sun and stings. In the winter they serve as an additional layer underneath a wetsuit.

There are lots of brands and designs to choose from — start with your divers favorite sea creature or dive location.

Woman scuba diver
Jill loves her “Sun Kissed” top and leggings from Waterlust!

For example, Jill is obsessed with her leggings and top from Waterlust for multiple reasons! Not only are the styles super-cute but each design from this company raises awareness about important marine issues. And they work hard to minimize the environmental impact of their products (including packaging!).


Everybody feels the cold differently, and winter is the time of year when even the more hardy divers among us reach for a wetsuit.

Here in the Florida Keys, the sea temperatures dip into the 70s between December and March, and we usually pull on a full-length 3mil suit.

Comfort is key here so rather than recommend a particular brand, we suggest you show your local dive shop some love and try on the brands they carry.

(Really) Reef-safe Stuff

The ‘reef safe’ label is cropping up on all kinds of products, but there’s only one brand we personally vouch for and keep stocked on the boat.

So get a jump start on that 2021 resolution to protect the environment with sunscreen and a full range of personal care products from Stream2Sea. Explore their full range of products — everything from mask defog to shampoo to hand sanitizer. And it’s all made right here in Florida!

Where to shop

Your local dive shop!

Chances are they’re a small business owned by a family like ours, and this year has been tough as courses, trips and other activities got cancelled.

So give them a visit and fill up a basket with shirts, mask straps, stickers — and a gift certificate if you want don’t want to guess your loved one’s wetsuit size!

Masks and fins for everyone!

Girls that Scuba

The online Girls that Scuba store is another one of Jill’s favorites — she loves her cap, to shirt and stickers.

You might know GTS from their Facebook page but purchasing a membership on their website supports scholarships for divers and gets you a discount on dive trips around the world — including ours!

Gifts that give back

Finally, for the ocean-lover who has everything already, why not make a donation on their behalf to a favorite cause or local organization working to save our seas?

The Key Largo-based REEF Environmental Education Foundation teaches divers to identify and collect important information about the fish around us –then use that data to fight invasive species and protect important habitats.

Also based in Key Largo, MarineLab has been teaching kids about marine science and the environment for 50 years. Their week-long immersive programs for grades 5 and up took a real hit this year but public programs and other e-learning enhancements keep the learning going.

And we’ve just recently joined a relatively new non-profit organization: the Friends of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammock Botanical State Park. It’s another way to give back and support the Park waters that we dive in every private charter trip!

Have a happy, healthy holiday season!

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