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Capt. Glenn’s Personal Scuba Packing List

February 18, 2022

Are you an overpacker or an underpacker?

I’m an overpacker, especially in those final moments.

Like last week, on our way out the door to the airport I suddenly realized I needed another sweater and an extra notebook. A few more snacks for the plane and in between meals at the resort, just in case*. And I can just squeeze this other pair of sandals in the top of the suitcase. And…you get the picture.

That’s why Glenn was in charge of packing the dive bags for our vacation to St Lucia.

Glenn’s an underpacker when it comes to clothes** but he has a finely honed sense of exactly what we’ll need when we go scuba diving. Even though it’s been 5 years since the last time we flew somewhere else to dive, he’s still got it. And now we’re sharing it with you.

Capt. Glenn’s personal scuba diving pack list:

  • Mask & snorkel (super handy for snorkeling off the beach)
  • Full foot fins (plus water shoes in case of shore dives)
  • Dive computer
  • BCD + regulator
  • Thermal shirts + wetsuits that can be layered if needed (water temp was 79F)
  • Reef-safe sunscreen and mask defog
  • GoPro camera housing
man on beach with snorkel
Glenn’s got his own snorkel gear!

Most of this went into the checked gear bags: one for each of us. Neither was close to the weight limit, even with some of our gel & liquid toiletries tucked in the side.

Our clothes went into carry-on bags, along with dive computers and GoPro and reusable water bottles.

That’s it!

scuba divers underwater
Got everything we need!

What’s on your packing list?!!

When you come visit us in the Florida Keys next time, pack all you want.

Or don’t.

We’ve got you covered either way because helping people have a stress-free day on the water with family is our specialty. Glenn will make sure the essentials are always available. I’ll make sure some fun extras go on board with you too!

(And yes we spent lots of hours and a bit of money to travel out of the country to go scuba diving.*** For fun. Proof positive that we haven’t completely ruined the fun of diving for ourselves!).

*Half a bar of chocolate, some almonds and most of the dried lentil snacks (don’t ask) went all the way there and came all the way back. So we were good on snacks.

**Glenn brought only one collared shirt and wore it to dinner every single night at the resort. And every single night it had a little something more from dinner the previous night.

*** And yes it was amazing — octopus, frogfish, all the eels, healthy seagrass and 6ft tall soft coral. We’ll share a video soon!

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