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About Us

How It All StartedWe've been talking about scuba diving since the moment we met at that party in Singapore in 2006.

Glenn was a tall South African working in the golf course industry in Asia. Jill was on an overseas public affairs assignment for her American company and wearing very tall shoes.

She was always interested in learning to play golf. Maybe he could help?? Too hot and expensive, he said.

He actually preferred scuba diving and spent all his weekends as a divemaster on a liveaboard boat.

What a coincidence!! She was always interested in learning to scuba dive! Maybe he could help?

He could. He did.

And we spent the next 10 years logging hundreds of dives together as buddies.

Eventually our overseas careers finished and we left southeast Asia for the equally warm and humid shores of south Florida.

Glenn started working with local dive shops and scuba boats, and we toyed with the idea of buying into one of these great operations.

But none of the existing businesses quite fit our vibe.

For years we dived around the world with some of the best live-aboard and day charter operators around. And here's what makes us feel most at ease on a boat:

  • Knowing that the owner, captain and crew take safety seriously.
  • Not feeling rushed to get ready to dive. Or to finish one.
  • Hanging out with folks that truly love the sea and scuba diving.
  • Custom-made dive adventures based in our interests and experience levels.
  • That feeling of making memories together with people we care about.

And we used all this to create our business.

In 2018 we launched Lucky Fish Scuba in Key Largo — fun and comfortable private diving and snorkeling charters to explore the magical marine environments of the Florida Keys.

We are long-term supporters of the Project AWARE Foundation and the Divers Alert Network (DAN), which plays a vital role in the safety of recreational scuba diving. We are also members of the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) and the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce.

We are committed to providing a comfortable, safe, and fun atmosphere for exploring the beautiful and exciting marine environments in the Florida Keys. Come dive with us!