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About Us

We’ve been talking about scuba diving since the moment we met at that party in Singapore in 2006.

Glenn was a tall South African working in the golf course industry in Asia. Jill was on an overseas public affairs assignment for her American company and wearing very tall shoes. 

Man and woman at party
The night we met!

She was always interested in learning to play golf. Maybe he could help?? Too hot and expensive, he said.

He actually preferred scuba diving and spent all his weekends as a divemaster on a liveaboard boat.

What a coincidence!! She was always interested in learning to scuba dive! Maybe he could help?

He could. He did.

And we spent the next 10 years logging hundreds of dives together as buddies.

Eventually our overseas careers finished and we left southeast Asia for the equally warm and humid shores of south Florida. 

Glenn started working with local dive shops and scuba boats, and we toyed with the idea of buying into one of these great operations.

But none of the existing businesses quite fit our vibe.

For years we dived around the world with some of the best live-aboard and day charter operators around. And here’s what makes us feel most at ease on a boat:

And we used all this to create our business.

In 2018 we launched Lucky Fish Scuba in Key Largo — fun and comfortable private diving and snorkeling charters to explore the magical marine environments of the Florida Keys.

Glenn: Licensed Captain + Experienced Instructor

Glenn is a US Coast Guard-licensed Captain who has been a dive professional for 15 years.

Glenn carries a USCG 100 Ton Masters License with Sailing Endorsement. He is a sought-after charter captain in the Miami area when he’s not running the Lucky Fish.

Glenn is also an experienced scuba instructor certified by the two largest scuba training agencies —  Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and Scuba Schools International (SSI) – and has taught dozens people to dive.  He is also a certified Oxygen Provider and Emergency First Responder.

Jill: First Mate + Divemaster

Woman scuba diver

Jill is a PADI-certified Divemaster with hundreds of scuba dives logged in Asia, Australia and the US.

She draws on her international career as a professional communicator and project manager to coordinate Lucky Fish Scuba bookings, trip planning and provisioning, accounting and marketing.

In our local community, Jill is an enthusiastic member of the Upper Keys Business and Professional Women (BPW) and currently serves as the Secretary of their Board of Directors. In 2020, she was named Woman of the Year!

Suzelle: Second Mate + Shore Support

Suzelle, “Suzy”, is a friendly and water-loving mixed breed 3-year-old puppy whose family tree lies somewhere in south Florida.

She doesn’t go out on the boat with charter trips, but primarily serves in Customer Relations and Shore Support!

In fact she recently got promoted to be in charge of Feedback and Reviews, so don’t make her chase you for that TripAdvisor post!

Megan: Divemaster + Instructor

Megan grew up kind of far from the ocean in Denver, Colorado, hiking and skiing the Rocky Mountains.

But don’t hold that against her, because as soon as she saw Discovery Channel’s shark week in primary school, she was committed to a career in marine sciences!

Armed with a degree in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology from the University of Colorado Boulder, Megan’s love for sharks and determination to save them has led her across the globe.   She’s studied shark biology — including great white sharks in South Africa and whale sharks in Utila, Honduras. She’s worked promoting conservation and responsible tourism, on a mission to bring awareness to the fragile state our oceans are in.

Now Megan has been diving for almost 10 years. She became a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor in 2018, teaching scientific diving on Utila.

When she’s not helping us out on her days off, Megan works full-time as a marine biologist and field instructor at Key Largo-based MarineLab, fostering marine stewardship in children from 4th grade through university-level with hands-on labs, classes and snorkeling trips in the mangrove and coral reef habitats.

Stephanie: Divemaster + Instructor

Divemaster on boat

Stephanie is originally from the Philadelphia suburbs and grew up spending summers on Long Beach Island, NJ. She  has always been a water baby, chasing the sun, warm weather, the ocean and all it has to offer.  For her 30th birthday, she took a trip to Australia and got her Open Water certification on the Great Barrier Reef. Lucky Fish!

Over the next 7 years, Stephanie found herself spending more and more time diving here in the Florida Keys. She began participating in special dive trips to clean up debris and plant baby coral with organizations like I.CARE and CRF.

Inspired by experiences like these, in June of 2020 — yes, in the midst of a pandemic! — she decided to make a life change and pursue a career in dive instruction.  Stephanie left a great job as a client director in technology consulting, sold her home, packed up whatever could fit in her Subaru and made a permanent move to the Sunshine State with her COVID rescue pup Kokomo.

Now a PADI-certified Instructor who works with a couple other outfits in the Keys, Stephanie spends a lot of time underwater!  Otherwise you can find her cuddling with her pup, paddle boarding *and* planning for her own sailing and diving charter business in the Caribbean in the future.

Glenn and Jill are long-term supporters of the Project AWARE Foundation and the Divers Alert Network (DAN), which plays a vital role in the safety of recreational scuba diving. We are also members of the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) and the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce.

We are committed to providing a comfortable, safe, and fun atmosphere for exploring the beautiful and exciting marine environments in the Florida Keys. Come dive with us!