Explore the magical marine environments of the Florida Keys with us.

There are lots of great dive shops and boat tours in Key Largo.  A worry-free private charter with Lucky Fish Scuba might be right for you if you want to…

  • Keep it small: Our family-sized boat is perfect for your group of up to 6 people. We are custom equipped for four divers plus two additional non-diving guests.
  • Do your own thing: We can combine diving and snorkeling in the same charter trip. One dive followed by a sunset cruise? No problem.
  • Take your time: You are on vacation after all! We take only one group per day so there’s no hurry to get into the water — or out of it!!
  • Enjoy a nice boat: Our 29′ World Cat is not your typical dive boat. We’ve got comfy seats, retractable sunshades, a nice toilet and lots of other extras.
  • Don’t worry about the weather (or your plans) changing: We don’t require deposits for most private charters. If wind or waves come up or if you need to postpone or cancel your trip, you won’t lose a thing.

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‘Lucky Fish’ is a South African term for someone enjoying unusual good fortune, and we consider ourselves to be among the luckiest of Lucky Fish to be living and diving in the Florida Keys.

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